Friday, April 2, 2010


This has got to be THE MOST challenging project I've undertaken!

I started (pretty late!) this morning by checking the moisture content of the boards after they had spent the last week in the garage. After the incessant rain we've had, the boards had all increased in MC by between 1% and 2%, My assumption therefore is that the boards are pretty close to equilibrium with the environment. Unfortunately, my moisture meter broke during this process, so repairs (and a modification or two to prevent it from conking out again) will be required some time in the future.
The rest of the afternoon was spent sizing the 1,800 x 50 x 100 boards that will form the first of 3 laminations for the top. I've decided to laminate four of these boards together in a set, and laminate 3 sets together to obtain the final width of 600mm.

This should make flattening the individual sets much easier which in turn will make for easier flattening of the top once it's fully laminated.

I only hope that I'll be able to obtain a decent flatness across the length of the boards...

I toyed around with the idea of leaving the top at around 125mm thick - but since I haven't decided on work holding apparatus yet, I decided to go 100mm. That way I get to use my 150mm quick clamps to hold down objects on the surface of the bench.

The mass of the lamination is phenomenal - I am able to plane along the length of it and have it remain in place due entirely to its incredible mass! I assume from this little experiment that the bench in its final form will not be going ANYWHERE when I plane on it by hand - I simply can't wait!!

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