Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Tonight I placed the order for the screw that I am going to use for the leg vise with Lee Valley Tools in Canada. My thinking was that it would take around four to six weeks for delivery, which would mean that it would be delivered around the time I would be ready to assemble it into the bench.

Surprise 1: Surface mail delivery from Canada was quoted at $78.50 and an eight to twelve week lead time
Surprise 2: UPS delivery was quoted at $95.18 and a five to six DAY delivery lead time.

The difference of $16.68 made it a no-brainer! If all goes well I should have my parcel delivered by next week Friday at the latest!

In case you're interested, I purchased the Lee Valley Tail-Vise Screw (Item 70G01.52 ) for the princely sum of $36.50 - OUCH! is appropriate when considering the cost of shipping! I never ordered the handle - I think I'll have a little fun and make that myself when the time comes.

I can however highly recommend Lee Valley. After a minor glitch with their web-site, a 10 minute phone call to Canada resolved the issue in a friendly and efficient manner. Local companies could take a leaf from their book with regards service!

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