Sunday, March 22, 2009


On the DVD cabinet front, work has progressed to the point where I need to cut the stopped dadoes for the shelves - and then it's assembly time! (One down, a few more to go...?)

The router jig is almost complete: I need to assemble it, and this is causing all manner of frustrations! I've made a left and right side for the jig that will facilitate the variable width dado, I have the hardware and the wood cut that will incorporate the fixed stop, I just need to fit it. The problem though, is that I need to join the two "halves":

My plan is to fix the left half to a strip of oak on the underside that will give me a perfect right angle for the dado; the right half will be attached to the same oak strip, but will have a slot cut in it to facilitate the adjustment needed for the variable dado width. The problem is to figure out a way to ensure that the right half is perfectly parallel to the left half.

I've had a couple ideas that didn't pan out quite as well as I thought they would... so it's back to the drawing board!

Perhaps I should head off to the myriad "free woodworking plans" sites for some ideas...!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I failed to mention that before I get going on my Roubo and the infill-plane, I have a stack of projects that need completing first.

Before I started work this morning, I had to take care of a few rust spots that had appeared on my band saw table, courtesy of all the rain we have had lately and a loose roof tile. I took to the table with Q20 and P360 water paper to remove the spots and then ragged on a thick coat of paste wax to seal the surface again (and hopefully prevent any more rust!). I'll tackle the roof tile tomorrow!

I then spent the day milling stock for a pair of DVD cabinets. I am making them from American White Oak - a species that I particularly enjoy working with (along with kiaat, imbuia and rosewood, in no particular order). The cabinets are designed to hold 160 DVD's each and occupy a minimal amount of floor space.

I will post photos of the project when I start assembly. All things being equal, this should probably be next weekend.

The shelves will be housed in stopped dadoes in the casework. Now the last time I made one of these cabinets, I battled to cut the dado width accurately, and ended up having to spend a great deal of time fitting the shelves. This was not time well spent, so I have resolved to make a router jig that can be used for any width dado. The jig will also have a positive stop to better control the end position of the stopped dado. So stay tuned for photos of the jig both during the manufacturing stage as well as in use!

And now I'm off to commiserate with myself on the Lion's truly DISMAL Super 14 performance at Newlands this afternoon! Perhaps they would be more successful at synchronised sleeping than they are at rugby!