Sunday, February 27, 2011


OK - so I'm not the most diligent blogger out there. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I'm pretty bad when it comes to updating my blog - how else could you explain the jump from my last post to this:

Since my last post, there has been much activity (spot the understatement!):
  • Stock for the legs was machined and laminated; the tenons at the top of the legs were formed at the time of lamination
  • The stretchers were made in a similar fashion
  • The chop for the leg vise was laminated
  • The handle was turned for the leg vise
  • The parallel guide for the leg vise was machined and drawbored into a mortise in the chop 
  • Mortises were cut in the legs and the top for assembly
  • The legs and stretchers were assembled and the joints drawbored and glued
  • The top was assembled to the  leg / base assembly and the mortise and tenon joints were drawbored and glued
  • The sliding deadman was laminated, shaped and the holes drilled
  • The support peg was turned for the sliding deadman
See - I told you I was no good at updating this blog!

This bench is AMAZING. Effortless workholding means I can focus on getting the tools to do the job they were intended to do instead of focusing my efforts on preventing the workpiece flying around. This has made a HUGE difference to the way I work - and has improved the accuracy of my work no end.

I estimate the overall mass at around 100kg (±220lbs) in its present form - perhaps not as much as I had hoped for initially. Still, this is a phenomenal improvement over the collapsible "bench" that has served me to date.

Still to do:

  • I need to apply a finish to the bench
  • I need a series of dog holes through the top - but I'm holding off on drilling them until I'm confident at what will be their ultimate placement
  • I need to make a shelf for the base. This will serve the purpose of providing decent storage below the bench as well as adding to the overall mass of the bench. This is a GOOD thing - believe me!
  • I'm probably going to cobble together Chris Schwarz's Tool Rack with some minor variations to suit my shop.
In the meantime, I'm continuing to practise handcut dovetails - a skill I decided to acquire a couple weeks ago. (That and make a start on the WAY overdue kitchen  cupboards!!!)

 I repeat - I really am no good at this whole blogging thing!

I do however promise to try and make an attempt to keep updating with progress on the dovetail front!

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