Sunday, May 3, 2009


After some considerion, I came to the conclusion that the registration of the right hand half of the jig need not be 110%. When routing a dado, the width will be set using the mating shelf and the two halves of the jig will thus automatically be parallel to one another.

Here are photos of the jig in use:

Here the jig is set to its default width of 3/8". This is the narrowest width that the jig will accommodate, and is determined by the diameter of the router bit - 3/8".

Here the jig is set to its maximum width of 50mm.

Using the shelf to set the dado width

Cut the dado with the router

The end result - a dado that is cut to the perfect width

The shelf fits perfectly into the dado without any fuss - a definite up-side when you have a lot of shelves to fit! All that needs to be done now is for me to fit the hardware that will facilitate a stopped dado.

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